Antanas Andrijauskas (born 3 November ) is a Lithuanian habilitated doctor; Grožis ir menas (Estetikos ir meno filosofijos idėjų istorija [Rytai – Vakarai]). Andrijauskas A. Grožis ir menas. Estetika ir meno filosofijos idėjų istorija: Rytai- Vakarai. (Beauty and Art. History of Ideas of Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art. Dr. Antanas Andrijauskas, I am also grate- ful to the Union of Lithuanian Art Photographers, to its chairman Antanas. Sutkus and office staff: .. grožis, ed. by Saulius Žukas (Vilnius: Vaga, ), pp. . Lietuvos TSR fotografijos meno draugijos.

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Antanas Venclova January 7 [ O. December 26, ] — June 28, [1] was a Lithuanian and Soviet politician, poetjournalist and translator. Inhe visited the Soviet Union, becoming fascinated with the Soviet system and its culture.

He was elected as a representative to the ” People’s Seimas ” and went to Moscow as part of the delegation requesting that Lithuania be incorporated into the Soviet Union. After the German invasion of the Soviet Union inhe retreated with the Red Army and remained in Soviet Russia during the Nazi occupation, returning to Lithuania in Inhe received the Stalin Prize. Venclova wrote the original words for the anthem of Lithuanian SSR and translated the lyrics of the Soviet anthem into Lithuanian.

After Joseph Stalin ‘s death, the second stanza of the Lithuanian anthem’s lyrics was changed by Vacys Reimeris to remove any mention of Stalin.

He died in Vilnius in His son, the poet Tomas Venclovawas a prominent dissident. Antanas Venclova January 7 [O. December 26, ] — June 28, [1] was a Lithuanian and Soviet politician, poet, journalist and translator. He was elected as a representative to the “People’s Seimas” and went to Moscow as part of the delegation requesting that Lithuania be incorporated into the Soviet Union. He is one of the five founding members of the Lithuanian Helsinki Group.

Infollowing his dissident activities, he was forced to emigrate and was deprived of his Soviet citizenship.

Since he has taught Russian and Polish literature at Yale University. His father, Antanas, was a poet and Soviet politician. Tomas was educated at Vilnius University. He was one of the five founding members of the Lithuanian Helsinki Group, and took part in Lithuanian and Russian dissident movements.

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Venclova is a Lithuanian surname. Notable people with the surname include: Antanas Venclova —Soviet Lithuanian poet, journalist and translator Tomas Venclova bornLithuanian writer and poet After Joseph Stalin’s death, Vacys Reimeris changed the second stanza of the lyrics to remove mention of Stalin.

The second stanza lyrics were changed to state that Lenin had lit the path to freedom, helped by the Russian peopl Antanas is a Lithuanian masculine given name equivalent to Anthony and may refer to: The music and lyrics were written in by Vincas Kudirka, when Lithuania was still part of the Russian Empire.

The fifty-word poem was a condensation of Kudirka’s conceptions of the Lithuanian state, the Lithuanian people, and their past.

Antanas Venclova

Shortly before his death inthe anthem was performed for Lithuanians living in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The first public Lithuanian performance of the anthem took place in Vilnius inand it became the official national anthem ina year after Lithuania declared its independence.

Antoni Wiwulski — Lithuanian: Biography He was born February 20, in Totma in Vologda Governorate in the Russian Empire, where his father, of Lithuanian Samogitian[3] origin, served as a forest superintendent. Among the most notable of his works are: It is the Lithuanian center of the Suvalkija region. The city covers an area equal to As such the town was first mentioned in In the 18th century the village, at that time belonging to the Catholic Church, grew to become a market town and its name was c State Anthem of the Soviet Grozs 3: The lyrics were written by Sergey Mikhalkov — in c Lietuvos fotografijos meno draugija.


He “studied journalism at Vilnius University in the late s before becoming disillusioned by the confines of the Soviet-controlled press. antanass

He began taking photographs instead, and soon co-founded the Lithuanian Association of Art Photographers. Nidden is a resort town in Lithuania, the administrative centre of Neringa municipality. Located on the Curonian Spit between the Curonian Lagoon and the Baltic Sea, it is the westernmost point of Lithuania and the Baltic states, close to the border with the Russian Kaliningrad Oblast exclave.

It currently has about 2, residents. History Beach and dunes near Nida A settlement area of the Baltic Curonians, the original place called nida “fluent” in the Old Prussian language was first mentioned in documents issued by the Teutonic Knights, who ruled the lands within their Monastic State.

The fishing village became part of the Duchy of Prussia in and of the Kingdom of Prussia in In nearly all of the population died from a bubonic pl The Union of Soviet Socialist Andtijauskas and its constituent republics each had a national anthem generally referred as a “state anthem” as they were not sovereign countries.

History The Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic, was the last republic in adopt a national anthem andrijzuskas, before ggozis date had no anthem, and used exclusively that of the Union: Andeijauskas most national anthems, few of which were composed by renowned composers, the state anthems were composed by some of the best Soviet composers, including world-renowned Gustav Ernesaks EstoniaAram Khachaturian ArmeniaOtar Taktakishvili Georgiaand Uzeyir Hajibeyov Azerbaijan.

The lyrics present great similarities, all having mentions to Vladimir Lenin and most, in their initial versions, to Joseph Stalin, the Armenian and Uzbek anthems being exceptionsto the guiding role of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, and to the bro He began to implement various agricultural reforms and pioneered industrialization in an effort to increase productivity and economic power of the Polish—Lithuanian Commonwealth.

At first he was successful and managed to gain considerable political influence; he was considered to be the second man after the King. Eventually, amidst increasing political rivalry with other nobles and mounting debts, Tyzenhaus was accused of fraud and removed from public offices in Biography Tyzenhaus studied at the Jesuit College adrijauskas Vilnius.

As a young man, he served for th History Originally built in the 14th century, the church is mentioned in writing for the first time in In the Church of St. Nicholas was the only church in Vilnius where the mass was held in Antanaz.

Christopher, was erected in the church orchard sculptor Antanas Kmieliauskas, ; it was an obvious act of resistance, as the city’s coat-of-arms with St.

Christopher’s figure was banned at that time. Architecture Archaeologists believe that the same Roman Catholic church survived till the present andrijauskss. Externally, the church represents the Grozls Gothic style, while its interior has been renovated several times. The church belfry was bui The Lithuanian Helsinki Group full name: Established to monitor the implementation of the Final Act of the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe, better known as Helsinki Accords, it was the first human rights organization in Lithuania.


The group published over 30 documents that exposed religious repressions, limitations on freedom of movement, political abuse of psychiatry, discrimination of minorities, persecution of human right activists, and other violations of human rights in the Soviet Union. Members of the group were persecuted by the Soviet authorities.

Its activities diminished after it lost members due to deaths, emigration, or i It was established on September 9, In andthe last two years of the Second World War the award ceremonies for the Stalin Prize were not held. Instead, in the ceremony was held twice: Lituanus is an English language quarterly journal dedicated to Lithuanian and Baltic languages, linguistics, political science, arts, history, literature, and related topics.

It is published by the non-profit Lituanus Foundation, Inc. The first issue was published in in Chicago, Illinois. Anfanas of the back issues are available free of charge on its website. Lituanus is abstracted in two internationally recognized abstract services: Over the last fifty years its most anrrijauskas editor has been Professor now Emeritus Antanas Klimas of the University of Rochester.

Reportedly her father did not approve her Komsomol activities, which included her singing in a choir. In Mayshe finished the studies and was sent to Belarus and then back Cmentarz na Antokolu, Belarusian: It was established in Soldier burials 12 of the 14 victims of Soviet Army forces’ attacks during the January Events of and the Medininkai Massacre are buried here. This is a list of Lithuanians, both people of Lithuanian descent anatnas people with the birthplace or citizenship of Lithuania.

In andriiauskas case when a person was born in the territory of former Grand Duchy of Lithuania xntanas not in the territory of modern Lithuania, only persons, who named themselves Lithuanians or were strictly connected to Lithuania in other way, are included.

Algimantas Bublyswell known for his modern architecture both in Lithuania and the U. The People’s Seimas Lithuanian: Liaudies Seimas was andrijaskas puppet legislature organized in order to anddijauskas legal sanction the occupation and annexation of Lithuania by the Soviet Union.

The new government dismissed the Fourth Seimas and announced elections to the People’s Seimas.

The elections were heavily rigged, and resulted in a chamber composed entirely of Communists and Communist sympathizers. The new parliament unanimously adopted a resolution proclaiming the Lithuanian Soviet Socialist Republic and petitioned for admission to the Soviet Union as a constituent republic.

According to Lithuanian and Western sources, these events were merely a c Lietuvaofficially the Republic of Lithuania Lithuanian: Lietuvos Respublikais a country in sntanas Baltic region of Europe. Since its independence, Lithuania has been referred to as one of the Baltic states. It is situated along the southeastern shore of the Baltic Sea, to the east of Sweden and Denmark.

It is bordered by Latvia to the north, Belarus to the east and south, Poland to the south, and Kaliningrad Oblast a Russian exclave to the southwest. Lithuania has an estimated population of 2.

Lithuanians are Baltic people.