Swamiye Sharanam Ayyappa 3. AYYAPPA ASTOTHARA SATHA NAAMAAVALI (youtube) · 4. SWAMY AYYAPPAN NAMASKARA SLOKAM ( youtube). 4 days ago Ayyappa Pancharatnam With Meaning: Loka veeram, maha poojyam sarva rakshakaram vibhum, Parvathi hrudayanandam Saasthaaram. Meaning of Namaskaram Slokam – Saranam Ayyappa Loka Veeram Maha poojyam, Sarava raksha karam Vibhum, Parvathi hrudayanandam, Sastharam.

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Bhoothanatha, sadananda, Sarva bhootha daya para, Raksha raksha maha baho, Sasthre thubham namo nama. Sections of this page. Lord Dharmasasta mamaskara the son of Lord Siva and Mohini—the female transformation of Lord Vishnu depicted in the famous story of ‘Palazhi Mathanam’, the churning of the ocean, in epics and puranas.

Lingashtakam – Telugu Shiva.

Loka Veeram Mahapoojyam | Namaskara Slokam | Ayyappa Devotional Songs

He seeks bliss in hunting in forests, desires drinking water in the mid-days, has three eyes and is surrounded by the bhutaganas. There he experienced his ashtasiddhis the great knowledge about 8 prime factors of life and rendered his spiritual knowledge to the devotees and those who seek refuge in him Sharanam.

We the “Spiritual Samarpanam” team express our gratitude to you for showing interest in our application and content. I salute that God Sastha, Who is the telkgu of power of Shiva, Who was born out of the body of Sreenivasa, And who is the brother of him who rides the peacock.

The popular belief among Keralites is that Lord Ayyappa, the adopted son of the King Rajasekara Pandiya of Pandalam in Kaliyuga, was a human incarnation of Lord Sllokam, the hariharasudha. This application is one in many spirituality content based applications mainly for users who follow Hindu dharma.


Manikantan, after fulfilling the goals of incarnation, selected the Sabarimala as his place for meditation, to elucidate his dharma, the sciences of wisdom to the people of the world, to the gods and to the rishis. Sabarimala Devaswom Government Organization.

Matha mathanga gamanam, Karunyamrutha pooritham, Sarva vigna haram devam, Sastharam pranamamyaham 3 I salute that God Sastha, Who walks like a vigorous elephant, Who is filled with nectar of mercy, And who is the God who removes all obstacles. See more of Ayyappa swamy on Facebook.

Ashtotharam or Ashtotharasathanamavali naamskara generally or more names venerating the deity, in this application it is Dharmashasta or Ayyappa.

I salute that God Sastha, Who is the god of my family, Who destroys my enemies, And who fulfills all my wishes. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? It has the below slokas and manthras in Telugu ayypapan English with audio.

He was called Manikandan by the King since he had a Bell mani in Neck kanta when the King found teligu as an infant at the banks of the river Pamba. I salute that God Sastha, Who is the greatest of the clan of Pandyas, Who is the playful god of Kerala, And who is the God who looks after the oppressed.

Traditionally devotees observe austerities namaskarq the Hindu months of Vrichiga and Dhanu. Please email your valuable suggestions to us at spiritual.

Offering Neerajanam to Lord Ayyappa on Saturdays is believed to be good for ayyappaj hardships owing to sanidosha. Sabarimala tantri kandararu rajeevaru youvasena Organization. Subbulakshmi ji with Lyrics.

Ashtotharams are chanted while offering flowers to the deity during daily pooja. I salute that God Sastha, Who is the hero of the world, Who is greatly noble, Who is the lord protecting everyone, And who gives happiness to the heart of Parvathi.


By pleasing the lord one can reduce the bad effects of Saturn called sanidosha. Ayyappa Patalu Telugu is the devotional songs album of bhakti Ayyappa Songs.

Thus he was called Sri Sabarigirisan one who resides in the mountain of Sabari. Prayer walk – Save Sabarimala Religious Organization. Te,ugu photography Photography Videography. The aim of dharma is perfection Purna and prosperity Pushkalatva which are achieved by dharma and wisdom. Sasta or Ayyappan is associated with the graha planet Shani Saturn.

BOOKLETS – Swamiye Sharanam Ayyappa

Siva veerya samud bhootham, Sreenivasa thanudbhavam, Siki vahanujam Vande, Sastharam pranamamyaham 7 I salute that God Sastha, Who is the personification of power of Shiva, Who was born out of the body of Sreenivasa, And who is the brother of him who rides the peacock.

Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple Hindu Temple. Hanuman Chalisa HD Sound. I seek the protection of Sastha who loves his devotees, Who has the peculiar pretty black body colour, Ayyzppan lives till the end of the world, Who has dawn like hands which resemble lightning Who has tall crown made of costly gems, And Who has curly and pretty hair.

Ashyama komala vishala thanum Vichithram, Vasoavasana arunothphala dama hastham, Uthunga rathna magudam, kutilagra kesam, Sastharamishta varadam saranam prapadhye.