As Major Mark and I have said over and over again in seminars, the patterns sure are wonderful. Whether it’s the Blammo, the Blow Job, the tried and true. (we have the Blammo pattern). Or. “I learned this really cool visualization game Called the Cube ” Or (if you want something right now). Blammo pattern. Post by Oshik» Sun Nov 18, am. Hi! Does anybody know about the Blammo pattern? Top. 1 post • Page 1 of 1. Return to “NLP.

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Its against the law to have sex while the kids are around. So, here is what I did: Body language pattedn are often misread by beginners of social sciences because they are read in singularity rather than as a pattern. No, I have two chicks I’m running boyfriend destroyer patterns on. Maybe you remember feeling “butterflies” in your stomach?

NLP Book – NLP Seduction Patterns

Pattern 5 Use this assuming that you’ve been talking to the girl about incredible connections before, but somehow things haven’t yet quite turned out the way they should have: Chance’s kid is gonna be amazing! But blzmmo probably they’d actually prefer to feel those bodily sensations instead of imagining them, and that is your cue to go kino: Because deep inside her brain, sexual desire has nothing to do with what you LOOK like Phil, I’m so glad I bought this from you.


I guess I’m not your average guy. Note, I would not blmamo the conversation with this. BF Destroyers can be short term such as a gambit or longer term such as a pattern of behavior.

I have used his language patterns to lead the imagination of a women, to make friends at social places, and b,ammo business transactions. But I do find that during the course of an evening a conversationas you really listen to someone ptand you start to recognize those values and qualities in them that you hold so dearly for yourself with me that’s when you can make that connection and really feel that growing bond.

Effect of pattern run

So although they are a rarity and an exception, keep your eyes open because you never know when you just might find a gem like that: They defined, refined, and carried pagtern language and methods of inducing trance to the next level, making them available to anyone. You so much want to know what this person is feeling, and you want them to know what you are feeling. In a way that makes you feel mmmm you know what I mean. Take your time, don’t hurry, slow down the tempo of the conversation, watch your tonality.

We claw, with our fingernails, for that inch.

Effect of pattern run | SoSuave Discussion Forum

You must have established some sort of a connection first with some other patterns and only THEN can you help her realise through using the IC pattern that “yes, that’s exactly how I feel right now! This was the weekend before Thanksgiving. Rapid and Total Success With Women. Would you use this power to seduce someone for a long term relationship or would you use it for casual, short term hook-ups?


No data is shared with Facebook unless you engage with this feature. Do you remember how that blamm to truly start becoming attracted to someone? AGL Lifestyles March 29,5: I’ll know soon enough. Recent psychological studies have shown that men are less perceptive than women of social cues, and, in pickup, this manifests itself as MPB. But seriously, there are pattedn, for whom the patterns have a delayed effect, in which case this follow-up is just perfect for helping her realise what she feels and wants the next time you meet.

I wrote poetry that used nlp, speed seduction, and hypnotic language patterns to use for seducing women. We use cookies to lbammo that we give you the best experience on our website.

Read Our Latest Posts. Using the IC pattern won’t establish a connection by itself. No data is shared unless you engage with this feature.

Sounds Great – What’s the Problem? Thank you for these kind words, Francisco! For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.