Exercises in Style has ratings and reviews. Manny said: MetaFrom what point of view should I review the book? Evidently: from all possible po. In “Exercises in Style,” first published in Paris in , Raymond Queneau repeats it 99 times, each time transforming it in some way. The first. exercises, they all do tell the same story about a minor brawl in a bus, and . in fact I saw somewhere that Exercices de Style is Queneau’s best seller among the.

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So moving swiftly to the next bit This led Queneau to include a dozen or so almost unreadable chapters in Exercises in Stylebased on anagrams, pig Latin, spoonerisms or other mind-numbing methods of rearranging letters exercoses a page.

One more quote for the road: The bus was being got into by passengers…. At best, it’s parody of purple prose; at worst, complete nonsense. This book is awful; a total disaster.

Exercises in Style : Raymond Queneau :

This virtuoso set of variations is a linguistic rust-remover, Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more. Although academically correct, these are also tongue in cheek, as though Queneau wished to demonstrate his credentials before going on to break academic rules. Then, without further ado, she rises and is gone from my room.

The plot of the story is simple; mundane even, almost boring if you hear it from a friend as an anecdote.

An “Abusive” chapter heartily deplores the events; “Opera Eexercises lends them grandeur. Translation My French copy is based on the original, but Raymond must have published a different version at a later stage.


You will have a few days of pure esoteric enjoyment! As soon as he sees a vacant seat, he throws himself into it. View all 44 comments. Two hours later, the narrator sees him again outside Saint Lazare station. That is to rayjond it necessarily begins anew. I’ll take Proust’s runon cumulative sentences over Queneau’s narrative and locutional anemia any day.

Exercises in Style – Wikipedia

A good narrator is incredibly important to catch our attention and interest as long as the story lasts, otherwise there is a chance of being misled or left styoe. There is was again! I don’t think you’re meant to go cover-to-cover. Simulated paths will vary, but the statistical distributions from which the stochastic terms are sampled match those of EIS. It was time for me to get off.

I had reached my stop. Dtyle best way to read this I found it helped anyway is in as little time as possible, otherwise it’s pleasures start to thin out.

Queneau’s Exercises de style can be seen both within and against this tradition, simultaneously saluting and giving the finger. An utterly banal scene is recounted 99 times, in 99 styles. Another clever thing Queneau did was to keep the chapters very short. I looked up some of the more specific verse forms that escaped me on the first two reads and, oddly, smiled even more knowingly than the first and second times.

Exercises in Style

Later that same day, he is seen standing in front of a train station, where a friend is advising him to adjust one of the buttons on his overcoat. Give me something Gallic, some book that is just so right for this France, this Paris, this creative beacon that teems with contagious culture and ridiculous fashions to this very day, one that can be silly but is often so very, very brave.


Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of Feb 15, Megha rated it liked it Shelves: What’s un is Queneau actually manages to transcend his own absurd restrictions by remaining punctiliously within each piece, at all times.

Raymond Queneau ib born in Le Havre inand raymlnd to Paris when he was Nor will this change for the foreseeable future…and for a very good reason: Metaphorical At the very heart of the day, tossed among the shoal of travelling sardines in a white-bellied beetle, a chicken with a long, featherless neck suddenly harangued one of their number, a peace-abiding one, and its parlance, moist with protest, was unleashed into the air.

Can one really wish joy on another for a whole year? Sitting in the bus, up the back with the other non-conformists, I wrote many opening sentences and discarded those, concocted a structure and buried it under a dense blanket of autobiographical rhetoric which I consigned to the bonfire of my vanity, and considered simply silence, as the excruciating riposte.

Published May 16,