You can also check the Adobe Flex 4 Livedocs for that particular host component’s class documentation to see the required skin parts, skin. Flex 4 SDK and Flash Builder 4 final releases were released on 3/22/! and (as well as some Flex 4 beta. At work, I wanted to review some information on the Adobe Flex 4 LiveDocs help documentation and had a lot of trouble finding it online.

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This can all be done by modifying the source code for the ApplicationSkin.

If the character indexed by startIndex is the same as or to the right of the character indexed by endIndexthe method returns an empty string. July 6th, at Returns a string that includes the startIndex character and all characters up to, but not including, the endIndex character. The following code excerpt shows how this can easily be done in your Flex application.

An integer specifying the number of characters in the specified String object. Check his blog for more about these samples, and check Tour de Flex to see the […]. Boolean Indicates whether an instance of the Object class is in the prototype chain of the object specified as the parameter. The following lines of code are equivalent: More examples Finding patterns in strings and replacing substrings Regular expression syntax.

Flex Examples

If endIndex is not specified, String. The path should be something like: A couple other tips for non-designer folks out there… You can use the Adobe CS4 products such as Photoshop, Illustrator and Fireworks etc to create your skins and then export them as FXG and use them within your skins.

Getting an error that addElement is not a valid method call to titleBar. Please feel free to comment with your favorites! While working on the Tour de Flex samples for Flex 4, I spent some time digging into the new Flex 4 Skinning Architecture and found that I could do some really cool stuff with it.


Working with strings Basics of strings. Thanks for this really good post. This method is similar to String. Or an empty string if the specified index is outside the range of this string’s indices. ArrayCollection; private var employeeCollection: More examples Finding a substring by character position.

Adobe Flex | Devgirl’s Weblog

The path to the wireframe skins will be something like: String Appends the supplied arguments to the end of the String object, converting them to strings if necessary, and returns the resulting string. Hide Inherited Public Methods. It seems more will flsx. String — The string value of the specified Unicode character codes. The call to the replace method uses a function as the repl parameter. This entry was posted on September 4, at f,ex Searches the string from right to left and returns the index of the last occurrence of val found before startIndex.

Returns String — The value of the string.

I livdocs it is key in overcoming the learning curve quickly. String Returns the string representation of the specified object. Today there are various insulation materials that are used directly over the exterior of the tire before the finish is applied. The BorderContainer extends SkinnableContainer and offers you a quick way to set borders and backgrounds on a container in your application without having to create a custom skin.

If the pattern parameter is a String or a non-global regular expression and no match is found, the method returns null. The fact is that nowadays there are hundreds if not thousands of different types of dog supplements and treats that you can buy today.


Devgirl’s Weblog Trials and tribulations of software development. Im trying to make a background image scale to the entire window, across different views. If the g global flag is set, the method starts the search at the beginning of the string index position 0. It was a huge help to me in coming up to speed with it overall. Examples How to use this example. However I could not find a way yet to skin custom components using a theme swc file.

If the delimiter parameter is a regular expression containing grouping parentheses, then each time the delimiter is matched, the results including any undefined results of the grouping parentheses are spliced into the output array.

Returns the primitive value of a String instance. Returns the character in the position specified by the index parameter.

String – Adobe ActionScript® 3 (AS3 ) API Reference

You will still be given a handout of the code lessons etc but instead of using a workstation provided, you simply use your own laptop. Unicode values are defined in the Unicode Character Livedocw specification. If you pass an undefined value or no valuethe method returns The backgroundImageFillMode can be set to repeat, scale or clip depending on what you would like your image to do. Livedpcs Returns a substring consisting of the characters that start at the specified startIndex and with a length specified by len.

This next bit of code shows how you livedocw include a repeatable background image in your container, with some other custom border settings as shown below: I truly enjoyed reading it, you can be a great author.