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Many things in two-stroke tuning has been made since the beginning of the two stroke.

Very interesting info Bob. My guess is, that the engine will ffrits more power the first few times it runs in powerband, but then it will get so hot that the power drops lower than it would be with a lower compression ratio.

Good evening, I shall like knowing what value of speed of sound you use for your calculation?

Frits Overmars Expansion Chamber aka FOS exhaust concept

It would also mean that the initial part of the reflector would become steeper than it is in the original Aprilia pipe. Those waves will never be able to influence the events in the exhaust pipe because the overmads through a correctly dimensioned venturi is sonic. In my cylinder the bridges are much shorter, and frtis are on the sides, not in the thrust areas. Yes because I do have the engine, the cylinder and the exhaust pipes, so why not try something else?

Croatia, Trogir Date d’inscription: I now have 3 transfer port molds made from 3 different cylinders.

Bucket Racing Fabrication

We built a cylinder of this type in aroundeven using hydroformed pipes. It was de first time it has been started, much smoke of the oil which was inside the new cilinder.


A short time after that I got the information about a mini engine for model airplanes.

Lucky for me he didn’t explain the system, otherwise he would be the first. The current way of scavenging exist almost from the beginnng of the 2-stroke history and never changed, unless the many other systems which had been founded.

I still have scars from one of the grenade jobs. Accordingly, cylinder maintenance has become more important than before. If so, what would be an raw overmmars of the thrust produced, let’s say on a GP machine? Tons of specs, drawings and info are shared in these threads, along with numerous common misconceptions about making more power with 2 stroke engines.

Sabijator Nombre de messages: Better than messing with after-market Blair clones why not put a few more euros together and invest in Engmod 2t. Op ebay USA zetten en de hoofdprijs vangen. If the squish band ratio is smaller then the squish velocity will be lower. But that I will keep for me, till the system has been ready for operating later this year. Listened to the full length of In a gadda da vida fritts minutes fantastic, I knew the music buy not the title.

I hope my engine runs first. This charge should be as cold as possible when the exhaust closes and compression starts. You see this 2 points on the piston for sure. There is a reliable way of measuring turbulence: That was a few days before he left to Thailand. First the class had to give way to cc four-strokes because the average street rider would be able to ‘relate better grits that ovrmars of machine’ and because a lot of TV-money was going to World Superbikes.

Read below how it all started. overmara


Bucket Racing Fabrication

Thank you overmxrs the plaudits and thank you for sharing your “brain” around to the world of two-stroke engine enthusiasts. May be it is different, than we will have 2 new systems at almost the same time. And may be some day it will run, with new idees it is not impossible, I’m still working on it. While he wrote in his publication: I quoted my port areas and angle-areas on the previous page in the red-and-yellow pictures ; you can compare those with your Mota results. Furthermore I think the only proper spark plugs are the surface gap types, a lot of energy however is required to let these function well.

Then it varies along every position in the exhaust pipe. The funny thing is that the same is true for high compression ratios. Next to Jan is works rider Eugenio Lazzarini.

Gard 30 Date d’inscription: Now many details had to been adjusted in the coming period. On a race bike not really. Only no dough and assistance to develop. Croatia, Trogir Date d’inscription: The rod wasn’t up to the task I soon found out.

I have one small question about side rotary valve sealing It is a reusable material that can be melted in the microwave and then poured for molding. Just looking at the great Freddy Mercury. The solution must be sought in the process. But since the needle setting is optimized for each flight anyway, it doesn’t matter if the fuel pressure is not always the same. Hahaha Frits, No april joke and no bird in my office.