Guy Kawasaki. Managing Director. Garage Technology Ventures For copies of this presentation, send an email to: [email protected] Photos from. Kawasaki, Guy, Rules for Revolutionaries: the capitalist manifesto for creating and marketing new products and services/ Guy Kawasaki with Michele. Guy Kawasaki, former chief evangelist at Apple Computer and an iconoclastic corporate tactician who now works with high-tech startups in Silicon Valley.

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To this day, 4th Dimension remains a great database. Like most of Guy Kawasaki’s books, this light, breezy read contains some useful insights. This factor, more than educational background or work experience, will determine the person’s success as an revolutionagies. And, as mentioned in Chapter 1, the feeling of powerlessness in people is the sign of a market opportunity. Some fantastic quotes on buffoonery, and rulse really great take away’s on targeting customers.

Rules for Revolutionaries by Guy Kawasaki

Ideally, you and your customers should both derive value from the information they provide Identify the Right Decision-Makers Revolutionaries often make three key mistakes at the start of a revolution when they start marketing and evangelizing their product Identifying the right decision-makers is an analog process.

Collaborate for Customer Share Collaborative marketing occurs when you listen as the customer speaks, and when you invite a customer to participate in actually making the product the concept of share of customer instead of share of market The way to get customer share is to collaborate with them Peppers and Rogers offer seven tips to foster collaboration with customers: Lead me to the buffet!

Make announcements that you know you can achieve and then strive to do better Many a revolution never got started because it was overhyped Does this mean you should sandbag people? Lots of good insights here about effective gjy. However, the work you do to remove those barriers will make crossing the chasm easier, faster, and more likely.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. To create a rlaexp. We have to work all the time Death Magnet 3: Avoid Death Magnets A Lesson from the National Training Center Tanks have great difficulty moving quickly kawasaoi mountainous or wooded terrain, and they can be stopped by rivers, canyons, and canals. Prod Prodding is the second step of the revolutionary thought process.


Mar 02, Carljoe Javier rated it it was amazing. Not that it is not relevant refolutionaries, but that if you want to get an edge, you had to do all that is written in it 10 years ago.

How do you sustain interest as an evangelist or as a manager of evangelists? Jan 22, Tricia Shiu rated it it was amazing. It may not be. How do you test your ideas?

Nordstrom would go broke! For four years I evangelized Macintosh to software and hardware developers and led the charge against world-wide revolutionarirs by IBM. With nearly percent market share and infinite resources, Microsoft will hire all of the talented college graduates in the world. It’s canned advice, most of it useless or already known to those who actually follow it.

Guy Kawasaki – Rules for Revolutionaries

Revolutionaris and why we should defy the conventional notions and follow the gut. From Nova, its CEO Marty Gruber, and my Jewish colleagues in the jewelry business, I learned how to sell, and this skill was vital to my entire career. In fact, the latter seems to probably be a less inspiring mix of the two Kawasaki books in this review. Filled with insights from top innovators such as Amazon. The chapters cover creating like a god, commanding like a king and working like a slave.

Jan 05, Erin rated it it was amazing. Viewing chores through Gail’s eyes has helped Whirlpool introduce significant product enhancements Here are more inspiring examples of allocentric thinking Be Cool Air-contitioned banks Conclusion Don’t Let Foor Grind You Down Short-sighted quotations Technology and Inventions Computers Transportation Political Revolution New Businesses Entertainment Medical People Bozos Versus Bozosity I realized that labeling someone a bozo because of one quote out of who-knows-what context is a bozo thing reovlutionaries do That is why this chapter is about not letting bozosity, which can be a temporary affliction, grind you down if you enjoyed this collection of expertology, be sure to read The Experts Speak by Christopher Cerf and Victor Navasky.

What I appreciate most about this is that despite the fact that this book is over 13 years old, it reads as if it reolutionaries written more recently.

Ownership is either there or not as a reflection of reality, so if you want a sense of ownership, make sure people’s rulrs are used. Guy Kawasaki, former chief evangelist at Apple Computer and an iconoclastic corporate tactician who now works with high-tech startups in Silicon Valley, is back in print with his seventh book: Guy’s writing style is so engaging, I loved the stories as much as the advice he doles out.


Nonetheless, there is still a lot of it that can be used. Rulss delighted whenever I find rulse for a quarter, even when I know they’re crappy hate-reads.

He supports his statement and “proves” his expertise by saying, “I knew that Apple would be in trouble because it didn’t support industry-standard operating systems from Microsoft.

I attended Iolani School where I graduated in Ownership is important for an evangelistic organizationhow do you build a sense of ownership? Rules for Revolutionaries by Guy Kawasaki. Apr 11, Alexey Orap added it. Sep 22, Lanre Dahunsi rated it it was amazing Shelves: This book is interesting as it gives some practical suggestions on how to market your business and your services. Jul 16, Terry rated it did not like it Shelves: Compare what you find in specialty stores to the mass channels: It is the bible of bozosity Why Does Bozosity Exist?

It must be reassuring for Kawasaki that, as parity becomes commonplace in lots of service-oriented businesses, there’s a revitalization of good, strong customer service to differentiate.

Politics, society, technology, business, self-development, you name it! Also great is the bibliography at the end of every chapter.

How to innovate: Guy Kawasaki’s Rules for Revolutionaries

The mainstream press shares this dim view of her chances. Life for a revolutionary is all about kicking but Here are the ways to defeat but-headed thinking: Ignoring people’s titles also means ignoring the titles of your own employees Show Up in Person You can gug, create, design, and build the most beautiful place in the world, but it requires people to make it reality.

What is the hardest thing you, as an evangelist, ever had to do?