Ij Start Canon

Ij Start Canon Configuration

Ij Start Canon is the method to set up your Canon printer to print on a wireless network. The configuration for the different operating system could be slightly different. Here are the Canon setup configurations for Windows and Android.

Ij Start Canon Configuration for Windows

In this section, we’ll cover how to set up your Canon printer (Ij Start Canon) on a wireless network using the EZ Wireless connect method on a Windows computer.

Ij Start Canon Configuration


Before connecting your printer to the network, please confirm that your wireless router is available and properly set up, also confirm that your computer is connected to the network.

First, Please be ensure your printer is plugged in and the green light next to the button is turned on when the printer is off. Select your printer now if the age light is blocking the stop button. Next press and hold the direct button until the icon starts browsing, the printer will find a simple connection mode.

Ij start canon setup


Now let’s install the software, insert the bundled cd-rom that came with your Canon printer into your computer or download the installation software file from this website https://ijstartcanon.me for your printer.

Ij setup canon


Open the downloaded file on your computer to get started, click on start setup the installation program will attempt to acquire information about the latest drivers and software updates this may take several minutes.

Select your place of residence and click Next, the License Agreement screen will be displayed. Click yes to continue with the installation. An extended survey program screen will appear, this optional program is used for the development and marketing of Canon products, so they will better meet our customers needs if you agree to participate in the extended survey program. Then click agree, if you click do not agree the extended survey program will not be installed.

If you have security software on your computer you may see this screen, verify. There is a check in the box next to deactivate the block and click next on the check the connection method screen. Click yes to continue with the wireless set-up, the software setup may detect the capabilities of your wireless router and display this screen.

Select your wireless router and enter your wireless network password then click Next. The network connection is temporarily disabled during setup, this may take several minutes. When you see the connection completed screen, click Next. Now the drivers will be installed this may take
several minutes.

Canon ij setup


Afterwards, the printhead alignment screen will be displayed. Tap plain paper in the printer click on print off, click on the start and fill in the instructions on the screen. If the print header is complete again, click Next. Now the test print window is displayed if you want to click a start image.

After testing images click you can pass the print by clicking Next. Your printer is now connected to your computer if it is your default printer that checks the default as the default print box.



Click Next, this time you will be asked to register your product. if you choose to register at this time, a new window will open after the registration is completed you can continue with the installation. If this screen is on, click the exit to complete the installation

Ij Start Canon Configuration for Android

On this segment, we will explain how you can configure your Canon printer or Ij Start Canon on an external system with a good Android gadget using the simple remote assistant technique.

To set up your printer to the system, confirm that your remote option is accessible and convenient. Similarly, confirming that your phone is first connected to the system and ensuring that your printer is connected and the green light is dropped by the power when the printer is resolved.

Check your printer when age-hitting pressure prevents the following pressure and keep the direct phase until the symbol begins to strike, the printer will come in Internet-functional mode Internet access.
Once again, you need to download the Canon print application on your Android gadget and install, on the Google Play sorter’s symphony bar, in the search box, to find it. Then you can enter and complete the facility.

When you open the arrow print application, this message will appear in the event that you haven’t recently added a printer to the application, just click YES on the next screen, re-enter your printer’s name on the screen, confirm the name of your remote option as it indicates and then points it.

Enter the secret for your remote math and click, the system settings are sent to the printer, if this message appears, correct it. Try to distinguish the printer, click on the name of your printer when it appears that it chooses and at the same time apply the printer with your gadget to the chance that you would like to print to test using photos from your gadget.

Due to selected photos, it competes with setting your Canon printer to your Android gadget using the simple remote strategy of the external interface. Nowadays, you are just printing or scanning for help by connecting to your printer on a Mac Windows PC or iOS hard drive.

Ij Start Canon


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