Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Pioneer KRPM Inch Class High-Definition p Flat Panel KURO Monitor, Gloss Black at. I was wondering if I could get opinions on what would be reasonable to pay for a brand new (zero hours) Pioneer Kuro KRPM 60 plasma?. Everyone already knows that Pioneer makes the finest plasma TVs known to man , but with the KRPA they’ve stepped their game up even.

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Discussion in ‘ Archived Classifieds ‘ started by petemounceApr 2, Apr 2, at Mar 28, Messages: Payment via direct bank transfer only.

The item will only be exchanged after the ,rp has been verified, so if you want to do that at collection, your bank account must support Faster Payments the thing that allows banks to transfer between accounts on the same day. I am located in London. The item is near Southampton. Build date December Good working order – no scratches, no burn-in.

Selling due to a death in the family. A note on transport Please remember that plasma screens are very fragile. They have a double layer of glass with 6000m inside.

The screen is extra fragile, so be sure to wrap it well. Keep the plasma TV upright at all times during packing and moving and never stack anything on top of it.

Plasma TVs suffer the most damage when laid flat. Moving a large screen TV I recommend bringing suitable packing material and a van. This is a person item to lift; it’s heavy. I am not responsible for any damage that transport incurs.

Black like never before Artists start with a white canvas; televisions start with black. The deeper the black, the finer the detail, the greater the contrast and the more colours the television has to paint with. All of Pioneer’s KURO models display ground breaking black levels and reproduce the most vivid colours, resulting in an unparalleled level of contrast.

Richer, more realistic colours create an enhanced experience of entertainment.

Images possess a truly captivating clarity and amazing definition, while moving pictures become more vibrant and powerful. Matchless intelligence The KURO can recognise light, can tell day from rkp and analyse on-screen content in real time.

Both monitors and plasma displays with separate media receiver feature an AV Optimum Mode with optical light sensor for automated adjustment of picture settings according to the lighting conditions in the room and the actual image on the screen, resulting in the best viewing ktp.

In addition, the audio is harmonised with the program being watched. Expanded features, multiple user menus and detailed picture settings put the custom installer’s needs at the top of the list.

  EO 13556 PDF

Equipped with a host of options for seamless system integration, the Pioneer KURO monitors are an installer’s dream. IP network protocol and a multitude of other control options bring connectivity to the forefront and make installation almost effortless. Expanded picture set-up and finely tuned adjustment control within each setting let the custom installer create a visual masterpiece 60m0 the client with near limitless potential.

Experience the new line of Pioneer KURO monitors today and discover 600j new world – nothing short of visual astonishment. New Optimum Mode Automatically 600n and adjusts audio and video settings based on content and room light.

Goods must be exchanged in 600mm Payment method: Bank transfer verified in advance Location: London, UK Advertised elsewhere?: By replying to this thread you agree to abide by the trading rules detailed here.

Please be advised, all buyers and sellers should satisfy themselves that the other party is genuine by providing the following via private conversation to each other after negotiations are complete and prior to dispatching goods and making payment: Make a call to check out the area code and number are correct, too Name and address including postcode Valid e-mail address DO NOT proceed with a deal until you 60m completely satisfied with all details being correct.

It’s in your best interest to check out these details yourself. Apr 4, at 9: GMAN40Apr 4, Dec 20, Messages: Do you know the usage hours on this panel?

Apr 4, at Sorry, I don’t know the usage hours. I’d totally guesstimate maybe an average of 10 hours a week for 8 years? I know Dad got it new, but not how close to its build date that was. Special speaker plugs – could you please be more specific or provide a photo of what you mean? I might, but I need more to go on.

Hello, See attached speaker connections I am after. Please let me know if you have them.

KRPM – Inch Class (” Diagonal) p KURO Flat Panel Monitor | Pioneer Electronics USA

Apr 5, at 8: ApsilonApr 5, kp Sep 15, Messages: Then take a photo and upload it to each respective thread. This is for security and verification purposes because I’m sure you are aware that as a new member kro no demonstrable history or feedback, listing a few pieces of high-end kit as your first items set the members alarm bells ringing – collected or not. Apr 6, at 9: GMAN40Apr 6, Hello, Please advise if you have these speaker cables.

Apr 7, at Apsilon I’ll happily do that, but not immediately.

I only saw this now and it’s late, and I’m hiring a van tomorrow night to do the last of the house clearance so am unlikely to have time tomorrow or Saturday. In the meantime, I’ll not sell any of the items. You’re welcome to monitor my private messages to confirm in the meantime that I’m not doing anything via kpr channel.


Apr 9, at 5: GMAN40Apr 9, Hi petemounce, I was wondering if you had come across the speaker cables? Apr 10, at Jrp – here’s the verification picture for the TV taken Saturday; it has been an exhausting couple of daysone showing the bits that come with it, and one of the TV playing from Netflix taken on my phone, which isn’t a fantastic camera.

I’ll do the same for my other items in due course; they’re a bit hard to get at currently because of kfp house clearance taking up, well, quite a lot of space.

Current Value of a Brand New Kuro KRPM – AVS Forum | Home Theater Discussions And Reviews

Also – someone at work has shown an interest in the TV. I’ll post here if that turns into a sale or not once I know.

Thanks x 1 List. GMAN40Apr 10, Hello Petemounce, Will you sell the speaker cables to me?

Pioneer Kuro KRP-600M 60″ 1080p HD Plasma Television

Like x 1 List. Apr 12, at GMAN40 I’d prefer to sell the whole lot as a bundle; sorry. Apr 13, at 4: GMAN4060m 13, Hi Petemounce, I can understand your point of view, but please take note most prospective buyers will not be using these cables as they will be using a dedicated amp and speakers. I’ve managed to lose my speaker cables and cannot find them, hence the frantic search for them. I liked having the option of using the tv speakers at night and the amp during the day.

Would you please reconsider selling the cables to me. Apr 13, at 5: XL5Apr 13, Jan 24, Messages: Apr 13, at 6: Hi XL5, Thank you for your suggestion orp, I already have the speakers which goes with this tv, hence I just need those elusive cables which are becoming very hard to find.

ApsilonApr 13, Apr 13, at 7: GMAN40 if they’re hard to find then I’m even more inclined to keep them together with the TV, as my priority kr; clearing the house, which means selling the TV takes precedence for me. If I manage to sell on here, perhaps the buyer won’t need them and you can buy them from that person. Hi Petemounce, There hard to find because Pioneer don’t make tv anymore, and they stopped making this particular part over 9 years ago. I was hoping you would understand my situation and accommodate me.

Apr 19, at InfernoApr 19, Feb 24, Messages: Bedlam, Warrington, Cheshire Ratings: