The Lancea Sanctum are a Kindred religious covenant who believe themselves descended from Longinus the centurion who speared Jesus’. Unfortunately, Lancea Sanctum speaks far too much in vague generalities and adds little new and interesting material to this Covenant. And I get the same impression with the Lancea Sanctum. The book does give an awful lot of information about what the Lancea Sanctum is, and how it’s.

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Lancea Sanctum Titles

It would be equivalent to if being a Longinian required a Christian to deny that Jesus was the son of God, as all teachings were predicated on that. Return to Book Page.

Paladin is also a lay position, but it carries with it a modicum of Status. I have to disappear for a while.

The Lancea Sanctum | Vampire the Requiem: Court and Commonwealth | Obsidian Portal

The angels of the Lord has gifted the Lance with Theban Sorcery, found in dark tomb of Egypt, in order to carry out their Mission. Going by Willow now, or Wil for short. If so, they can lecture them about how their humanity shines through by the grace of god and invite them to hear more at the services on Saturday night. April 09, Preview — Lancea Sanctum by Alan Alexander. I am God’s holy monster, the drinker of mankind. Legates are, more often than not, diplomats. Refresh and try again.

Murder, too, is permitted because the covenant could not survive otherwise. Any Lay Priest who oversteps their authority and performs Apostolica will be severly punished. I’m trying to understand the concept of the Lancea Sanctum. Please upgrade your browser or install Chrome or Firefox to enjoy the full functionality of this site.


Lancea Sanctum by Alan Alexander

So I put forth the truth in these pages, for you who seek as I have sought. Sanctified therefore Embrace childer, though it flies in the face of the Traditions. Even if conversion is not viable, the covenant believes that by providing aid it can only bring other lanfea that much closer to God.

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The Lancea Sanctum

The position is unofficial, but carries with it a huge pancea of respect and honor. No, Sanctified are so frightening because they are so matter-of-fact, even reverent, about their vampiric nature.

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Most cities with more than a handful of Sanctified have at least one Inquisitor. Last edited by wyrdhamster ; Given sanctuary in DC, the covenant has been allowed on lnacea to embrace those mortal followers found in DCs christian communities.

Bez Bezson rated it liked it Nov 12, When the Caliph collected the pets and organized them together, it is alleged that some parts were missed: Not just the occult, but the history and culture of vampires as a whole. The position is extremely martial, and Crusaders are fearsome opponents in combat.

Fredrik Holmkvist rated it liked it Mar 21, I use it so you know when I’m speaking in an official capacity, not as an indication of tone. Other than the Ordo Dracul, the Lancea Sanctum is one of the smallest covenants in Baltimore and Washington, however this is a fact that is slowly changing over time. So, sort of paradoxically but that’s in theme! As the Carthians of Charm City remember the great effort they went to in expelling the original Lancea Sanctum regent, the covenant has not been allowed to grow all that quickly.


Setting aside the question of whether a Sanctified would do take over a mortal congregation instead of guiding the Damned, would a Kindred ever do something so blatant in front of mortals? Covenant leadership frowns on such brazen behavior and has been known to chastise or dispose of Sanctified who draw too much attention.

If you fail, your life is ruined, or you’re dead, or you become a good subject for the Embrace. At the same time, however, most Sanctified are pragmatic, and their leaders know that the covenant will never succeed at its divinely appointed task if they allow themselves to become weak.

I think it’s less that the Lancea faith couldn’t work with both Judaism and Islam, it’s that you’d need to give it the proper text space to develop otherwise it looks a bit silly. The covenant seeks to encourage all vampire society to adhere strictly to those precepts, for only by doing so can the Lancea Sanctum honor its progenitor and bring the rest of the undead closer to understanding him. As of 2e, this role belongs to the Circle: Lists with This Book. And twisting the doctrine to suit one’s needs is something that happens across all faiths, from Christianity to Islam to paganism to militant atheism, so it’s not like Lancea or its formerly Christian members will stand out in this regard.

Question is simple – How much this king scenario is possible in VtR setting?

Crusaders are the “elite” warriors of the Lancea Sanctum.