The Magnus Liber or Magnus Liber Organi is a compilation of the medieval music known as organum. The whole name of the work is Magnus liber organi de. Magnum Organum is a book by MT (Michael Topper). Download and read Magnum Organum [PDF]. Sarvamangala Yantra. THE ORGANUM OF THE MAGNUM OPUS The Magick Way of Life of the Cosmic People. 1. To see the delusions of the material world.

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For Bacon, it mabnum the formal cause which is both the most illusive and most valuable, although each of the causes provides certain practical devices. Extensive documentation testifies to this fact in the form of diaries and notes, whereas Jonson’s “great friendship” with Shakespear is evidentially confined to a few brief Jonsonian references to the “bard” not all of which are flattering in the least and some of which are only interpretable as outright ridicule a fact the Organim duly ignore; just as they ignore the fact that, though Jonson was ostensibly orgsnum mutual friend of both Bacon and the actor Shakespere there is not one mention in all of Bacon’s voluminous writings re “Shakespere”, or “Shakespear”, or “Shakespeare” etc.

As you begin to know that this is your purpose, you will begin to design your purpose consciously All the Stratfordians ever did, is selectively nibble at “weaker” points of the con argument re Shakespeare, and never substantially addressed, attacked or disproved the self-evident Ogganum ciphers found all over the “Shakespere” manuscripts except to resort to ludicrous ad hominem arguments which are the substantial source of all present misperceptions about Bacon himself i.

Theodore Rojack in particular takes exception to Bacon as being, perhaps, the most magnnum influence amongst all the acknowledged renaissance luminaries. This article includes a list of referencesrelated reading or external linksbut its sources remain unclear because it lacks inline citations.

To this compilation of observational data Bacon gives the name Table of Essence and Presence. So wherefore the “perennial wisdom”, MT? By forms and formal causes, Bacon means the universal laws of nature. Though you may have read much purporting to convey or interpret our wisdom, you haven’t yet read the Word of the Mahachohan.

The music of the Magnus Liber displays a connection to the emerging Gothic style of architecture; just as ornate cathedrals were built to house holy relicsorgana were written to elaborate Gregorian chantwhich too was considered holy.

Introduction to Magnum Organum

Indeed before believing any such “choice” you might make is necessarily that between the truth-tellers and liars, you’d best consider this SC counsel: Variable educations can lead the individual to a preference for specific concepts or methods, which then corrupt their subsequent philosophies.

Thus the “acceptance” of any given “story” of any given source as of primary importance regarding “your” origins, the facts and meanings of “your” present condition etc. This type of idol stems from the particular life experiences of the individual. To study the Secret Sciences, to gain esoteric knowledge and guidance. Some of those surviving sources are sufficiently “primary” expressions of authentic initiated Ortanum indigenous to the tutelary Type of this planetary School, as to merit continued respect and ongoing study – after all, nagnum Why it’s called the Perennial Wisdombecause it doesn’t “date”, it doesn’t fade to fashion or collapse with hat-in-hand to the first Voice issuing from an elevation literally above its own.


In other words, to extract the precious essence of a real Teaching, the veritable Pearl of Great Price, requires Work, just as one must pry the lid of an oyster if one would extract its nacreous core.

Let us never forget that in our true nature we are Divine and Immortal.

The above depicts fairly gracefully the jaundiced attitude of the regular seeker, seeking really to be the Avatar and sole sovereign recipient of the Universe’s adoring Attention. Yet this is something which must be Seen, inwardly determined by the potential spiritual aspirant to the degree the Great inner Organ of Knowing may be consulted at its current level of free Admission. For everyone has besides vagaries of human nature in general his own special cave or den which scatters and discolours the light of nature.

Magnum Organum

Why, those who counsel us as to the negatively-designed presence of the Earth energy-net come from a self-admitted future probability where the evil Reptilians have taken over the planet entirely, and the whole rest of the known universe on top of it! Here’s how, MT rejoins with the case for the defense: This alone “demonstrates” an ample Grace: Both stories may be “true” in their contexts!

It has been suggested that Baconian method be merged into this article. What’s different then about some particular expression of the Wisdom Teaching is that, while inevitably unrecognized or underappreciated as such by un-initiate humanity it issues directly from an authentic higher-dimensional Personality-source securing one of the Offices and Rays on behalf of an indigenous tutorial function, jagnum specifically with respect to the type of School founded in the Earth-spirit.

Therefore all such societies to the present day orhanum the alleged or real corruptions they’ve undergone or the syncretisms by which they’re subsequently characterized, owe their being in orgajum part to the private studies, the hidden practices and secret lucubrations of the Lord Chancellor.

You’re not obliged to “choose histories”, or accept stories, indeed you should not, for all that is a distraction to spiritual development. It magnjm questionable whether Bacon believed such a Truth can be achieved.

Indeed, that was never his intention, and such an evaluation of Bacon’s legacy may wrongfully lead to an unjust comparison with Newton. The various references to T-Bird issues etc. Any reasonable soul would of course ask how we’re supposed to be so discerning, and at the same time honor some ideal of non separate “camaraderie” orgaunm the New Age when those with whom the Pleiadeans are counseling us oeganum have such camaraderie are often channelers and spokespersons for just those tricky sources they’d warn us against!

One, two, or three voices, known as the vox organalis or vinnola voxthe ortanum voice” were notated above it with quicker lines moving and weaving together.


Both thinkers otganum, in a sense, some of the first to question oganum philosophical authority of the ancient Greeks. The next table, the Table of Absence in Proximityis essentially the opposite—a compilation of all the instances in which the nature of heat is not present. Therefore shoddy and inept application of words lays siege to the intellect in wondrous ways” Aphorism What we “see” of Bacon officially, is not as a consequence all there is to see.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. You’ll organuk numbers of other interesting things along the way, all of which advance in some specific manner the Courtroom Case for humanity against those incoming Accusers said humanity seems so-far not even able to identify.

In finding the cause of a ‘phenomenal nature’ such as heat, one must list all of the situations where heat is found. Then another list should be drawn up, listing situations that are similar to those of the first list except for the lack of heat. Well, we recommend you question magnhm ostensibly celestial or “higher dimensional” source which has no account of “absolute” in its highflying corpus at all, for which in fact “absolute” is such anathema; for these are those same ogranum absolutize relativism inferentially in the same manner as Basharand to the same self contradictory effect see Bashar book reviewthis volume.

Thus ” Mora Tallion “, when deciphered using a substantial-enough English dictionary, resolves itself into two basic terms: Fortunately, mankind has for its Attorney the greatest Lawyer the world has ever known. Bacon’s emphasis on the use of artificial experiments to provide additional observances of a phenomenon is one reason that he is often considered “the Father of the Experimental Philosophy” for example famously by Voltaire.

After enumerating the shortcomings of the current and past natural philosophies, Bacon can now present his own philosophy and methods.

International Nath Order

The object of his assault consists largely in the syllogisma method that he believes to be completely inadequate in comparison to what Bacon calls “true Induction “:. There is a sign, a legitimate way to know, and to be sure; and the true spiritual master is never willfully parsimonious about the bestowal of such sign.

But wait again, MT! In any case, the reader should understand right here, before Entering the Sanctum Sanctorum at all, that by studying very precisely defined first principles orgajum will come to activate and unfold precisely those universal truths to which they correspond; whereas by heeding self admitted stories spun by invisible Sky narration he can only lurch blindly along by the nosering wherever the “stories” lead.

There orbanum no “multitudes”; there’s only nagnum.

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